Why Does Jobify Exist?

Jobify's main mission is to provide young people with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in life. Having a job for some of these students means a lot more than you might have imagined.

To adults, we see it as a minimum-wage job. To them, they see it as an opportunity to save up money for university or for a special passion they want to pursue. That starter job goes a long way. And of course, as they enter the workforce, they pick up a bunch of soft and hard skills that prepare them for the real world outside of the classroom.

Who Does Jobify Help?

From a corporate standpoint, Jobify works with high-turnover types of businesses, usually consisting of franchises or chains within the retail, food & beverage, and hospitality industries. Companies that have entry-level positions constantly available find our platform very useful.

Given that we have a strong user base of young people considering what  they want to get into after graduating, we also promote education and career paths that the teens should consider. If you are an organization that wants to educate your next potential generational workforce on why they should consider your path, let us know and we'll be happy to showcase the opportunity.

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Jobify is operational in every state and province across North America. We have users everywhere and our social media accounts drive consistent traffic to our app which ensures our partners are always receiving a pipeline of new applicants for their open listings.

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“Some of the Best Hires We've Had”

"Jobify helped bring in a wave of applicants throughout the pandemic when it was even harder to find people who wanted to come in to work. They've been some of the best hires we've had. They show up on time, ask for more hours, and they work hard.

General Manager
Dave & Buster's

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